Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between smell removal in disinfectional air cleaner LifeOX®-AIR and other methods?

Compared to other methods LifeOX®-AIR device do not catch or mask cigarette smoke and various kinds of smell by other health-endangering chemical substances. LifeOX®-AIR decomposes bad smelling substances. So LifeOX®-AIR do not mask the problem, but solves its cause in environmentally friendly and health harmless way. An active oxygen (ozone) decomposes bad smelling molecules and after end of the process it decomposes to wholesome oxygen, we breathe.


How often do I have to disinfect my car air-conditioning system? Why will it pay back to have own disinfection device?

All car-producers say, it is advisable to disinfect air-conditioning systems periodically, because they can become source of health problems. Air conditioning systems are an ideal source for growth of various kinds of bacteria viruses, moulds, which can cause not only bad smell in cars, but can also cause asthma and other health problems. But how often are these air-conditioning systems cleaned? If ever it is mostly maximum once per year. Cost for one ozone disinfection of air-conditioning in car service is between 20 and 30 Euros or more. If you think that this disinfection will last for couple of weeks or a whole year, you are totaly mistaken. If you want to have clean and healthy environment inside your car, you have to disinfect periodically - every week is the best solution. For these and other applications our smallest model  LifeOX®-AIR OZZY fits best. Your investment for this model will pay back very quickly, around 5 weeks. You can power the device directly from 12V source, which is a standard equipment of every car. You can also use it at home, in your office, in surgery, etc., where you connect it do standard 220V socket. Disinfection air cleaner LifeOX®-AIR OZZY is then multifunctional and ideal help for support of your health.


How long have you been producing disinfection air cleaner LifeOX®-Air?

Device has been produced 12 years now. During that time we carried out many applications  not only in Czech, but abroad as well. Ranging from disinfection of operating rooms, moulds removal in vine cellars and flooded houses, extending shelf life of fruits and vegetables, removing bad smell in fire-stricken spaces or kitchens and many other applications. On the basis of our experience and our clients´ feedback we innovated our previous products, which we would like to present to you now.


What is the difference between disinfection air cleanerLifeOX®-Air and ionic air cleaner?

During production of active oxygen (ozone) in disinfection air cleaner LifeOX®-Air, negative ions are also produced. Their concentration is lower then in the case of ionic air cleaners though. As its name suggests, disinfection air cleaner LifeOX®-Air is designed in the first place to perfect disinfection of and smell removal. Thats why it is forbidden for anyone to be present in the treated space during treatment. Ionic cleaners remove dust from the air in the first place and their disinfection abbility is much lower than in disinfection air cleaner LifeOX®-Air. When using ionic cleaner one can be present in the treated space, but sometimes unpleasant effects can take place. If you feel like you are having dust in the eyes, it is a result of deposition of fine particles, caught by negative ionts, in your eyes. In any case it is important to have, apart from common air cleaner, never mind if ionic one or the one with filters, also disinfection air cleaner LifeOX®-Air for perfect disinfection of your environment and smell removal.     


How long does it take to remove cigarette smell from the room?

LifeOX®-Air  is able to remove cigarette smell in a couple of minutes. It depends on how long one has been smoking in the room, what kind of furniture, carpets and curtains are in the room. If one has been smoking in the room for couple of years, the smell removal can last even weeks. During first application you remove smell from the air, furniture surfaces (upholstery, courtains, carpets). After this application the room will stay smell-free for some time. Consequently the smell hidden inside upholsteries, carpets and curtains will return to the room. It is then necessary to repeat the whole process so long, till there is no smell in materials. The same can be said about other types of smell as well.


What is the difference between disinfection air cleaner LifeOX®-Air and common air cleaner?

Common air cleaner cleans the air only which is sucked into it by a fan. Various impurities (dust particles, bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens, bad smelling substances, cigarette smell, etc.) are caught on its filters. Efficiency of common air cleaner is not 100% and filters need to be changed periodically. Nevertheless the highest concentration of impurities is on and in the walls of rooms, in courtains, carpets, sofas, furniture, etc. These impurities cannot be removed by a common air cleaner, but they can be cleaned by LifeOX®-Air by all means. The reason for this is active oxygen (ozone) in a form of a gas, which device uses for disinfection and bad smells removal. Gaseous active oxygen (ozone) will fill the room and reach every spot in it, including all pores of materials, curtains, spots behing and below furniture, etc.  The same process is known from nature during storm, when ozone is produced.


Is disinfection by LifeOX®-Air without any health risks?

Yes. If you want really effective disinfection to take place, you have to use substances with high oxidising and disinfection efficiency. During application of such substances it is forbidden to stay in the treated area. In the past various kinds of chemicals were usually used for disinfection and these evaporated into the air and thus stayed in the living space. After their application spaces were ventilated by opened windows to let the part of the chemicals go out of the inside space and allow people to stay inside again. This procedure of course comtaminates living environment again. In the case of smell removal and environment disinfection by air cleaner LifeOX®-Air, the treated environment stays without any helath risks, one can be there without any limitations and it is not necessary to air the room. The reason for this is, that disinfection is carried out with the use of oxygen present in the air. This oxygen is inside LifeOX®-Air disinfection air cleaner activated to ozone (active oxygen), which is the strongest environmentaly friendly disinfection and oxidising agent known. After finishing disinfection process the active oxygen breaks apart naturally within approximatelly one hour back to „common“ oxygen and environment is clean and without any health risks.


Can health problems occur after accidental entering into a room where treatment takes place?

It is important to realize, that active oxygen (ozone) is detected by human smell in concentrations 10 or even 100 times lower than are the levels in hygienic norm for permanent presence in an environment with ozone (active oxygen). Disinfection air cleaner LifeOX®-Air produces only such ozone concentration level, which exceeds the limit for permanent presence in an environment with ozone, but at the same time it is not dangerous at all to stay in such environment for a couple of minutes. In low concentrations ozone has a „sweet“ smell, in concentrations around hygienic norm, smell is not pleasent to smell and so everybody chooses to leave the space.   


Is the active oxygen (ozone) used in medical care?

Active oxygen has been used for more than 100 years in various applications. First it was used for drinking water disinfection and today it is commonly used its treatment, thanks to its indisputable benefits against chlorine. It is also used for water disinfection from various substances in pharmaceutical industry and medicine. Company LIFETECH has done many installations so far, where swimming pool water is treated only by active oxygen (ozone), completely without use of chlorine. Due to this fact we have a lot of customers from allergics and asthmatics, who cannot swim in pools treated by conventional technologies.  


What kinds of smell does LifeOX®-AIR remove?

It is of course not possible to name all kinds of smells, that can be eliminated by disinfection ai-cleaner LifeOX®-AIR. It is possible to name just the best known kinds of smell: cigarette smell, smell after fire, kitchen smell including decomposing of oil vapours, fish smell, animal smell, urine smell and many other kinds of smell.


Is it possible to use LifeOX®-AIR for smell removal or illness-rate lowering in kindergartens, chronic diseases hospital, surgeries, restaurants, etc.?

Yes, it is one of the most important applications of disinfectional air cleaner LifeOX®-AIR. Treatment is of course done when people are not present in the treated space. The most suitable time of application is after finishing standard cleaning. Disinfectional cleaner LifeOX®-AIR is turned off before locking the treated space. It is advised for end of the time setting to be 2 or 3 hours before expected entering of persons in to disinfected room. Many of our clients confirmed, that in the evening the had left a smoky restaurant and in the morning they entered into a clean restaurant with fresh air as in the mountains.