•  an investment to this model will pay you back in 2 months

  • one-time ozone disinfection of your 

  • car in car service costs you around 20 €

  • it is necessary to disinfect and remove smell in your car several times a month

  • LifeOX®-AIR can do environmentally friendly disinfection of your flat, office, etc.




  • Cars
  • Homes
  • Surgeries
  • Small rooms

Reference - Majda gym, Brno.



Revolution in care for human health!

Multifunctional disinfection device LifeOX®-AIR creates perfectly clean environment in your home, office, surgery or car. All this in purely natural way. The best selling model LifeOX®-AIR OZZY is small, light and easily fits even to your handbag. And on top of it it creates fresh and healthy air as after a storm or next to a waterfall.

Doctors warn not to use choked air-conditioning systems during hot season, because they do not contribute to human health at all. Air-conditioning system, which is not cleaned spreads allergens, bacteria and other impurities through a car or a room. To create fresh environment without any health risk is difficult and time-demanding task. The only solution is LifeOX®-AIR.  

LifeOX®-AIR activates oxygen present in a room or a car. This activated oxygen then eliminates microorganisms and removes bad smell with high efficiency. This process is done not only in the air, but also in curtains, upholsteries, walls, etc. As active oxygen is a gas, it takes effect also in inaccesible places and in pores of materials. After active oxygen decomposes back to „common“ oxygen.  

Active oxygen is natura and nature-friendly oxidising agent. It is 3 000 x more efficient than chlorine! It is created from oxygen present in the air and decomposes after short time back to it. Air quality in a room after treatment can be compared to air by waterfall or after a storm. Fresh and without bad smells.

There are much more possibilities of using LifeOX®-AIR. It is frequently used during flu epidemics to disinfect office spaces, hotel rooms, homes, kinder gartens, etc. By treatment, viruses are destroyed and so the sick rate in employees lowers. Substances, which we feel to be bad smells are eliminated. This problem is not masked by chemical substances, as in case of „air fresheners“, but solved by eliminating its source.

All you need to do is to plug the device in and leave a room. Treatment is going on automatically. LifeOX®-AIR uses only oxygen from the room. You need nothing else.



Device description:

The smallest device among quality ozonators on central European market in robust version, which is unique in his lowest price range. It was designed not only for professionals, who are obliged to keep their workplace disinfected, for smokers, who do not want to trouble others with cigarette smell, but also for persons, who want to prevent for example allergies caused by bacteria in car ventilation systems. It goes without saying, that device eliminates cigarette smell from surfaces and pores of materials, such as car seats, walls, furniture, etc. Housing of the device is made of quality aluminium, equipped with timer, which allows customer to set the length of treatment according to his needs. It is also possible to plug device in 12V or 230V socket by means of adapter. So there is no limitation of where you can use the device, as well at your home, work or car.


Ozone production: up to 0,2 g/h