• Hotel rooms
  • Health facilities
  • Veterinary centers
  • Production facilities for food industry
  • Gyms, changing rooms
  • Pensioner´s homes, etc.


Device description:

NEW! Design derived from popular type LifeOX-AIR® Hotel/Hospital, without carbon filters, but equipped with stronger fan. Designed for customers, who need to disinfect larger spaces. Simplification in design and timer allowed us to cut down its price to a minimum. Simplification doesn´t mean lower demand on quality and so with ULTRA you can use top product in its price cathegory.

Device allows you to choose time of the treatment according to volume of the space and level of bad smell or disinfection needs. By this we meet various customers´ demands.

According to our experience the device doesn´t need any service for couple of years. The only recommendation is to replace discharge element approximately after 9 000 hours of operation, because ozone output can slightly lower naturally.


Ozone production: up to 6 g/h