Reference - King´s Court Hotel, Prague

Reference - Majda gym, Brno.

"The air in the room tzreated by LifeOX-AIR is fresh and free of unpleasant odors. The disinfection effect resulting from application of the LifeOX®-AIR device contributes greatly to minimization of health risks. The LifeOX device participates significantly in satisfaction of our clients."


Health comfort of our guests is the most important thing for us, but we also aim to be environmentaly friendly. Disinfection by LifeOX®-AIR is therefore an ideal solution. The difference in quality of air in a hotel room before and after using LifeOX®-AIR is fantastic.



Hi! I tried the 'better than air cleaner' LifeOX and I was so pleasantely suprised. It really does work! My daughter is an allergic person. She does not have breathing problems at home or in the car anymore. Big thank you!

K. Lambe, France


I like the smell of fresh air :) I have to live in a city, though. My husband gave me LifeOX for Christmas. I am satisfies with it.

Dorothy Hugh, GB


Dear Lifetech,

I have to write you. I bought your device LifeOX a few months ago. I am absolutely amazed and I use it every day. But it suprises me every time I use it. Firstly it cleaned our flat, then grandmother's house - there was mold all over and it disappeared. We put it to a cellar there and apples, peaches and pears, they were fresh much longer than usually. Thanks for inventing this.

J.T., Switzerland



James Lock, GB


Good product. In addition, ecologic!

Hans Krüg, Germany